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It's Basically Coachella for Equestrians!

Tell us about your experience at Rolex this year! How was the crowd, the competition, the course?

Rolex is always an amazing competition, one where fans from not just eventing, but all equestrian disciplines can enjoy great competition, informative and interesting demonstrations, exciting Pony Club Games, and a super trade fair.  It's basically Coachella for equestrians.  


You were the voice of the USEF live stream this year, how was that experience?

I have been doing more commentating over the last few years and it is a great way to watch the competition.  It requires a lot of concentration to provide valuable feedback to the viewers but I enjoy sharing my perspective of the sport and helping to educate viewers from home.  


At an event like Rolex, do you prefer to attend or to compete?

I would way rather be leaving that start box to jump the XC!  However, it is a lot more relaxing to not be competing!  Preparing for XC does leave your stomach upside down a lot of the time, so when you aren't riding, you are able to take in a bit more of the atmosphere, relax and catch up with many of your friends.  Since basically everyone is there at Rolex!


You looked great in our new FEI apparel, what did you think about the new apparel coming out in Fall 2016?

I LOVE the new line.  All of the fabrics are incredibly comfortable and feel great to wear. They are super fashionable and it is awesome to be supporting Team USA gearing up for top performances this year.  


What was the biggest surprise for you this year at Rolex?

I figured Michael Jung would be in the top position, but it the significance of the lead he did it with was inspiring.  He has an incredible partnership with his horses and I think it is important to note that he has developed all of his horses from the beginning.  I believe that these years of partnership are what have solidified his partnership with his horses and what allows him to maintain near perfection in all three phases.  I think the take home lessons for all us are to be extremely diligent in your practice at home.  Every detail must be perfect if you want that perfection in the ring.  


Did your Ariat boots hold up in all of the rain and mud?

Of course!  The rain on XC day was basically unrelenting, but my feet stayed completely warm and dry!  And I was comfortable with all the walking.  You do a lot of that around the KY horse park, so comfort is super important.  


What’s next for you?

I have a big string of horses right now, the best I have every had.  I have 8 young ones preparing for young event horse and young dressage horse competitions as well as three aiming for CCI** and Advanced.  We have the Spring Event at Woodside the end of May and then Rebecca Farm in July which is a fantastic event.  So hopefully will be developing some of these youngsters for future US Team horses!