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5 Questions with John French

Name: John French

Discipline: Hunters

  1. Why did you choose your discipline and what do you love most about it?

I think the reason I chose the hunters is because I have sort of a quiet personality which suits the hunters. I also am sort of a perfectionist, so I like the fact that you need to be very accurate.


I love looking for that next top hunter. The process of finding a young hunter and making it into a big winner, or a great horse that goes on to do big things in the sport is what I love to do the most.  


  1. What are some of your favorite exercises you do at home to get ready for a horse show?

For horses that show a lot I just try to keep them fit and happy, therefore I don’t jump them a lot between shows. The horses that are just getting ready to start showing, I work on their rideability with flatwork and maybe jump a little 2-3 times a week- where one day will just be some sort of gymnastics.    


  1. What activities do you do outside of riding to stay fit?

When I was younger, I did gymnastics and diving, but now I really only have time for horses and looking for horses


  1. What is your advice for a rider just starting out in the sport?

You can learn so much from watching top riders. I have always been a visual learner, so I would spend all day at a show watching classes I wasn’t even in just to learn. I believe you can learn something from everybody, and you can never stop learning.


  1. Best advice you’ve ever received

You are never going to make everyone happy, so figure out what makes you happy, and it will make life so much easier.