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5 Questions with Kaitlin Campbell

May 15, 2016

1.Why did you choose your discipline and what do you love most about it?

The objectivity of show jumping is what appeals to me. I like to know exactly where I stand when I leave the ring. 


2. What are some of your favorite exercises you do at home to get ready for a horse show?

Gymnastic exercises and hill work keep the horse sharp and strong, while also protecting a horse's soundness for a show.


3. What activities do you do outside of riding to stay fit?

I mostly just ride as many horses as I can a day. 


4. What is your advice for a rider just starting out in the sport?

Having a great coach/trainer with lots of experience is especially important for riders starting out. The feel and technique of simply riding a horse must be mastered before any competitive career, regardless of discipline. 


5. Best advice you’ve ever received-  

Never turn down an opportunity- even if it's not ideal at the moment, you never know where it could lead in the future.