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Meet Hannah Selleck’s Prize Winning Horse, Bauer

Mar 21, 2014

Meet Bauer, he is a 17 year old Belgian Warmblood sired by Burggraaf. Hannah has owned Bauer for 8 years and when not on the road showing, Bauer (and Hannah’s other horses) normally live in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Very close to Hannah’s heart, Bauer is a very calm, easy going horse, although once he gets in the show ring he comes alive and is so fast! In fact, just recently, Hannah and Bauer won two 1.4m speed classes at WEF!  

Hannah has had him since he first moved into the 1.40m division as a junior in 2006 and he took Hannah all the way up to her first grand prix and World Cup qualifier classes—it is safe to say, they are a great pair, knowing one another’s every move. Bauer is a very special horse to Hannah (we can see why!). Since he is a bit older now, Bauer sticks to the lower level classes so he can have a long career doing what he loves!

Oh! and Bauer's favorite treats are bananas!

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