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Caleb Bennett

Event in which you compete: Bareback

Hometown: Morgan, Utah, USA

Number of years riding: 12 years, 6 years professionally

Year Ariat Started Sponsoring You: 2013

Career accomplishments to date: 

  • • 2x NFR qualifier
  • • 2013 Wilderness Circuit Year End Champion and Average Champion
  • • 2014 Ram National Circuit Finals Champion
  • • 2013 Calgary Stampede Champion


How you got started in your event: I was raised around rodeo and started with calves and bareback ponies, steers, and then bulls and big bareback horses. Bareback riding became my strongest event so I stuck with it and aimed to better myself every chance I got.

Favorite Ariat product (by name): M4 Style Pants and caiman belly saute toe boots.

Proudest career moment: Winning Calgary and having the final ride aboard Classic Pro rodeos Wise Guy at the NFR. They retired him later in the week.

Tell us about your first bronc ride: I think I was 10 or 11 and it was in Henefer Utah at a little junior rodeo. The last thing I remember was squeezing my hand; I had a purple glove on that was way too big, and I blacked out leaving the chute and came to while hitting the ground one jump out of the chutes. I got the air knocked out of me and didn't want to do it again.

You ride because: I ride because I love it. It would be like comparing whiskey to a drunk or poker to a gambler. I crave it and enjoy it, even in the rough times. I love the atmosphere that rodeo brings, the people you can meet, and the opportunity to travel the world and enjoy my living.

If you weren’t a professional rider, you would be a: I would probably be lost. Or I would more than likely own a fitness center/manage a fitness center. I enjoy leavening new things and trying new things in the fitness world. And I eventually want to own and open my own fitness center anyway.

Name one fun fact that people don’t know about you: I don't like spending money on pointless things. I'm a penny pincher and my traveling partners make fun of me for it all the time.

Favorite way to unwind outside the barn: : I love getting outside and enjoying warm weather, a good workout or just simply sitting on the couch to watch some Two and a Half Men. Or about any other TV show or movie, but it has to be comedy; because I love to laugh and smile.

Good luck charm: I don't really have one, I figure your mind brings your own luck. Thoughts become things, what goes on is usually brought to you by your own thinking. So think positive and think about your wants, instead of your "don't wants".