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Luke Branquinho

Event in which you compete: Steer Wresting

Hometown: Los Alamos, CA, USA

Number of years riding: Since I was little

Career accomplishments to date: 

  • • 8X NFR Qualifier
  • • 2004 World Champion
  • • 2008 World Champion
  • • 2009 Dodge Circuit Finals Champion
  • • 2010 Dodge Circuit Finals Champion
  • • 2010 San Antonio Champion
  • • DNCFR qualifications: 6 (2002, 2005, 2007-10)


How you got started in your event: : Grew up rodeoing and it was just another event to compete in during High School.

Favorite Ariat product :Cobalt Quantum Boots.

Proudest career moment: Winning both World Championships

Tell us about your first horse: He was a Palomino that we used to do everything on including barrels and rope.

You ride because: : It comes easy to me, and I enjoy it.

If you weren’t a professional rider, you would be a: Rancher

Favorite mentor or idol growing up: My dad

Favorite place to travel: Northwest

Name one fun fact that people don’t know about you: I’m mischievous.

Favorite way to unwind outside the barn: Hunting

Good luck charm: I don’t have one, but one of my cousins did give me a dollar bill once and it is always in my wallet.