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Shada Brazile

Profession: Barrel Racer

Hometown: Decatur, TX

Number of years racing: 15 years

Most notable accomplishment: 2013 NFR Qualifier

How did you get started in barrel racing: I grew up in a rodeo family!

Most memorable event in career: Winning San Antonio in 2013.

What type of training do you do for peak performance: I train myself as hard as I train my horses. If I expect my horses to be in the best shape possible, in turn I should do the same for them and be in the best shape possible. It’s not fair to them to work hard if I don’t.

What does “Pay Your Dues” mean to you?: There is no such thing as a “drive-thru break-thru”. Make goals and then make a plan to put the time and effort in to work towards those goals. Give yourself time and grace; you will make mistakes so learn from them and keep moving forward. Want it as bad as you want food or sleep, stay hungry. Work at it when you're tired, work at it when you are hungry, and Pay Your Dues!