We love fall. The season’s tasty treats, crunchy leaves and crisp temperatures that tell us it’s time to break out our cozy clothes. So off-the-shoulder blouses are replaced with crisp shirting. Linen dresses are swapped for midi skirts and stylish slacks. And those strappy sandals worn all summer long? Well, it's time to tuck them away and slip-on, lace-up or zipper into some boots!

This season, the boot we’re most excited about is the hiker boot. A style that Two24 has reimagined and named the Victoria. Handcrafted in premium full-grain leather, nubuck or suede, with sleek details like gore tabs that make for an unexpectedly versatile boot. To prove our point, we set out to style the Victoria hiker boot for the work day, a weekend and even an evening out.

For Work:

Translating the Victoria’s outdoorsy aesthetic to an office outfit is easier than you may think. If you're used to slipping into a pair of heels or some kind of dressier shoe this may feel like a departure, but rest assured, it can be done. The trick to wearing this leather hiker boot to work is striking the right balance. Instead of defaulting to a pair of trousers, consider wearing a feminine separate, like a swingy midi skirt teamed up with an of-the-moment piece, like a menswear-inspired checked blazer. Layer in a crisp button-down shirt to give some depth and finish off the ensemble with a few chic accessories, like a barrette and gold pendant necklace. Voila! Off to work you go in a pair of boots everyone will be asking about.

For Weekend:

Creating this look is a bit easier. Whether you're running errands, grabbing brunch with friends, or heading out of town for a quick day trip (might we suggest an apple picking outing), a pair of lace-up boots like the Victoria is a no-brainer. Slip into its slightly 70s-inspired vibe and wear with a denim-on-denim outfit. Pick a jacket with a lighter or darker wash than the jeans so there's a little variety, and add a lightweight knit to breakup the look. When the temperatures go down you can toss on a teddy bear jacket for a fun finish.

For a Night Out:

When you think of the perfect night-out ensemble, visions of lace-up hiker boots probably don't come to mind. But because we're always up for a sartorial challenge (and we know our feet would prefer a comfortable shoe over painful high heels), we put the Victoria to the test. Rather than wearing them with a look you'd normally pair with dressy heels, think outside the shoe box. Par exemple, we tossed on a ruffled evening gown, but instead of stopping there, that’s topped with a bright, chunky knit so when the boots are added the look holds together. We also swapped out the red laces with black ones for a more sophisticated look. For a little extra polish, try some statement earrings and fishnet socks.

There you have it in less than five minutes – three easy ways to wear the Victoria hiker boot. Now that you know how to style it, checkout all of the different colorways (including our latest arrival, white suede). Whichever color you choose, wear this boot with abandon.

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