Let’s be real—by now, you could consider animal print to be a neutral. And why not? It goes with pretty much everything, and can be styled any which way to create the look you’ve always wanted. And while super in season and on trend, the look never falters—animal print is a perennial favorite for many.

Cheetah and Zebra are two of the animal prints that are surging in popularity. Cheetah has a warmth and edge to it, while zebra’s black-and-white colors make for an easy transitioning shoe. We’ve taken these prints and made them available in two exclusive styles—the Laney Hypnotic (in Zebra) and the Meadow Brook Cheetah (in, you guessed it, Cheetah). But while the prints may be trendy, our expert craftmanship and use of high-quality materials will make these boots a favorite for many years to come.

So just how do you wear these animal print boots you ask? Let us show you. Here, how to style animal print for weekend, work, and a night out.


Keep things casual and easy in an outfit that will keep you going from day to night. Pair your boots with leggings, jeans, or pants and top with a simple white t-shirt and classic denim jacket.


Yes, you can wear animal print to work — just keep your other items simple, so that the shoe takes center stage. Pair with trousers or, for a more casual work environment, jeans and top with a blazer for a look that mixes business with pleasure.

Night Out

An animal print’s home is in a night out ensemble, so make sure you’re doing yourself (and your boots) right by showing them off on a night out. Try pairing them with a breezy black dress and moto jacket for a cool, edgy vibe (that doesn’t look like you tried too hard), or go softer with a pleated skirt and neutral sweater that is perfect for date night.

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