Sneakers have infiltrated fashion, and in a big way. And while you may have thought it was a fleeting trend—think again. From chunky trainers (AKA “Dad Shoes”) to white and cream styles to sneakers in new finishes, sneaker looks are not slowing down anytime soon, so isn’t it time you get in on the style? Keep reading to learn how to style sneakers for just about any occasion.

The Jack, one of our top-selling styles, is a exclusive. True to our Ariat heritage, it is expertly handcrafted with premium materials and thoughtfully designed to fit your authentic, personal style.

Made with full-grain leather and nubuck and leather-lined for a breathable yet luxurious feel, the Jack comes in three different colors (black, white and tan), and can be worn for any occasion. Don’t believe us? Here’s how.


The weekend means one thing: It’s time to keep it casual and take it easy. Whether running errands or grabbing a drink with friends, you can pair these sneakers with joggers or jeans and a fitted t-shirt and call it a day. The white Vibram outsole will keep you looking sharp, and the leather finish takes things up just a notch to show you’re a guy with style.


Paired with trousers or dark denim and a button-down, our Jack sneakers are the perfect finishing touch for looking smart yet comfortable in a meeting or boardroom. Our removeable foam footbed will keep you comfortable as you’re running from meeting to meeting all day.


Swap out your usual dress shoes for a pair of luxe, leather sneakers and get ready to turn heads. The leather will make sure you look put together, while the sneaker style gives you modern edge.

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