Welcome to our “How I Wear My Two24’s” profile series. In the name of sartorial inspiration, we’re rounding up Two24 enthusiasts who have curated their own style incorporating a pair of Two24s. After all, there are countless ways to express individuality and personal style—especially when you start feet first.


Lache caught the travel bug while studying abroad in Paris and Barbados with her classmates at UC Berkeley. Since then she has traveled the world trail running and horseback riding on terrain from Tasmania to Tibet. A self-proclaimed “functional fashionista” Lache has an affinity for shoes that can take her from her day job as a Marketing Manager to a playdate with her toddler while feeling comfortable and stylish.


Currently, I’m inspired by Yara Shahidi and Tracy Ellis Ross. They always look comfortable, smashing and ready to have a good time. Both embrace bright colors, big prints, functional footwear and their natural, big, curly hair.


My style choices represent my eclectic lifestyle. I take cues from English riding in my love for genuine leathers, high-rise, ankle-length fitted pants and tucked-in shirts with mock collars. As a runner, many of my choices are based on comfort and easy, midday outfit changes. I love tees with feminine details, refined jacket silhouettes in cozy cottons, and mixing technical fabrics with terry cloth and denim.


The Austen Metallic is easy to slip on and the all-over pewter color is fun and contemporary. When channeling Audrey Hepburn vibes, I’ll pair the Austen with black, high-rise skinny pants and a black turtleneck. If I’m feeling a bit Beyoncé, I wear them sockless with distressed denim shorts, an oversized tee tucked in hi-low style, and a fanny pack.


Comfort, quality, uniqueness. I run, ride, work in an office, and play hide and seek with my toddler, so I must take care of my feet. Comfort and quality are key and feeling fashionable is crucial. I adhere to my belief that when I look my best, I do my best. Even on lazy days, a fashionable slip-on like the Austen will elevate my ensemble and make me feel great. I get to work with a lot of creative, style-conscious people and it’s important to put my best foot forward.


I call myself solar powered; I emotionally recharge outside in the sun. In my free time you can find me running, riding, reading or relaxing under a tree counting roly polys with my daughter.

Show us how you wear your Two24s by tagging us and adding #MyTwo24 on Instagram. We’d love to see your style and feature you in our next installment of “How I Wear My Two24s."

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