Welcome to our “How I Wear My Two24’s” profile series. In the name of sartorial inspiration, we’re rounding up Two24 enthusiasts who have curated their own style incorporating a pair of Two24s. After all, there are countless ways to express individuality and personal style — especially when you start feet first.


Hailing from active, outdoorsy San Diego, Ryan brings that same level of energy to his life in Oakland. Whether helping coach his son’s baseball team, backpacking in the Sierra Nevada, making homebrew to donate to good causes, or going out on the town with his wife, Ryan enjoys showing off his California sensibilities in well-made, stylish footwear.


During my twenties and thirties, I lived in San Francisco and London, and each city has its own version of fashion forward. What I took away from London is the focus on traditional, well presented and curated style; San Francisco is the nod to funky, unique, and standout fashion. I try to combine a little of both every day.


I would describe my personal style as casual classic with some swagger. I like combining fashion staples (jeans, collared shirt, etc.) with footwear and accessories that have a bit of an edge. Being in a leadership role means projecting a certain level of professionalism…but I’m a bohemian at heart and having my outfit reflect my individualism is something I very much value.


The Two24 Lockwood combines all the attributes I look for when approaching fashion. The leather and craftsmanship, belief in living a high-quality life, and the shoe’s understated simplicity fits nicely into my casual classic ethos.


The three pillars of style, quality, and comfort have always been a prerogative for me. When I find a shoe that has all of these qualities, as the Lockwood does, I’ll fall in love, not just with the shoe but with the brand as well. I subscribe to the adage that “the shoes make the man,” so whether it’s running from meeting to meeting during the week or taking my wife out on date night, I look for a shoe that makes people take notice; but isn’t too over the top. For me, fashion is about conveying an attitude, and my footwear is an important part of what I’m trying to project.


I have an active and athletic eleven-year-old boy, and between work and parent duties, free time is a luxury that my wife and I try to take advantage of when we get it. Usually it entails a walk around Lake Merritt or a couple of hours quietly reading. But, when I get a block of it at a time, you can find me in my garage brewery concocting tasty beverages to share with friends and colleagues.

Show us how you wear your Two24s by tagging us and adding #MyTwo24 on Instagram. We’d love to see your style and feature you in our next installment of “How I Wear My Two24s.”

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