HOW I WEAR MY TWO24s: Ryan Baird

Welcome to our “How I Wear My Two24’s” profile series. In the name of sartorial inspiration, we’re rounding up Two24 enthusiasts who have curated their own style incorporating a pair of Two24s. After all, there are countless ways to express individuality and personal style—especially when you start feet first.


Born with an entrepreneurial spirit, Ryan is a tech investor, founder of several companies, mentor for start-ups, and current CEO of LYKA. A winner of numerous 2019 Internet Conference Awards including Top Tech Visionary and Top Tech Leader, Ryan brings the passion he has for investing and innovation to every part of his life. As he says, “The future will be incredible and I’m building companies I'm completely shocked don't already exist for billions of people.”


I’ve always really liked John Varvatos and Tom Ford. The clothes and accessories I’ve purchased from them are really well made and look great even years later.


When choosing a shoe, it needs to be modern, comfortable, and have awesome details. Classic shoes are worn by everybody, which is why I like my shoes to be a remix of a classic or something new. I don't like shoes that are mass produced. I'm always on the go taking clients out, catching flights, and speaking at conferences. My shoes have to be comfortable to keep up with me. Lastly, I love details that are inside the shoe, on the sole or not visible from far away but incredible up close.


My go-to item is my iPhone. I wear it on a cross body cell phone case everyday. People in my industry instantly know it’s the newest model and I never misplace my phone.


During my free time I like to catch the magic hour to reflect and meditate. I go on day trips to various parks, lakes, or mountain tops to film time lapses. I'm also a big reader and infinite learner. I seek out knowledge that can help me for decades. Lastly, I enjoy being healthy, riding my bike, and sailing in the bay.

Show us how you wear your Two24s by tagging us and adding #MyTwo24 on Instagram. We’d love to see your style and feature you in our next installment of “How I Wear My Two24s."

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