HOW I WEAR MY TWO24s: Jose R. Monroy

Welcome to our “How I Wear My Two24’s” profile series. In the name of sartorial inspiration, we’re rounding up Two24 enthusiasts who have curated their own style incorporating a pair of Two24s. After all, there are countless ways to express individuality and personal style—especially when you start feet first.


Guatemalan native Jose translates his passion for life through diverse interests ranging from film and music to surfing and wall climbing. When not designing footwear for Ariat, Jose can be found hanging out with friends and family, rocking street-savvy, elevated footwear, and enjoying all the benefits of the Bay Area.


It might sound a bit cliché but I’d have to say David Beckham and Daniel Craig. David Beckham has long been considered a style influencer and has been able to adapt his scruffy/dapper look throughout the years. Daniel Craig tends to carry himself with a similar look BUT, more importantly, he’s James Bond and who doesn’t strive to fit a suit the way he does.


I’d describe it as tailored but casual or rugged but refined. I usually like to play with two seemingly opposing looks and somehow make them work, it’s the yin and yang concept. To me, having one specific look from top to bottom can become a bit stale. Adding something to offset a look, whether it be a combo of a bottom and shoes or simply a play with accessories, can add a lot of dimension.


Out of the collection, I strongly believe the Merritt does the best job of merging the classic English equestrian look with a rugged yet refined contemporary vibe. Being that it’s inspired directly from a traditional English paddock boot, it automatically evokes a timeless aspect which means you can wear this boot for years to come. Not only that, but it also lends itself to being dressed up or down, depending on occasion.


The first thing I look for in a shoe is the overall shape, most of the time dictated by the last. I’m a sucker for the European fit which tends to have a narrower toe and an overall slimmer look. Secondly, I’d say is attention to detail – design lines, proportion, and composition. Last but definitely not least is the quality of the materials and finishing (if it applies).

With the right pair of shoes, almost any outfit can work. This means spending little to no time shuffling through your closet and helps give you that extra ounce of confidence when going out.


Playing futbol or “soccer”, sampling cheese boards with figs and fancy artisanal cocktails, and listening to rap/hip-hop.

Show us how you wear your Two24s by tagging us and adding #MyTwo24 on Instagram. We’d love to see your style and feature you in our next installment of “How I Wear My Two24s."

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