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Ariat is Available Worldwide

Ariat products can be found worldwide through a network of retail partners. Look for your country or continent below, or email us at

Australia and New Zealand

Just Country can help you find a retailer in Australia or New Zealand. Contact them at the phone or email below. Also serving: Malaysia, Phillipines, Hong Kong, and New Caledonia

Just Country Australia

Phone: +617 3711 8000



Ariat products can be found in retailers throughout Canada. Please contact Ariat USA to find a Canadian retailer near you. Provide specifics about your location for best results.

Phone: 510-477-7000

Hours: Monday- Friday 7am-5pm (Pacific Standard Time)


Ariat Europe serves all countries on the European continent (including Eastern Europe). Contact Ariat Europe directly to find an Ariat retailer near you.

Ariat Europe Limited

United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0) 1367 242818

Web address:

South America, Asia

To locate Ariat products on these continents, contact Ariat in the U.S.

Phone: 510-477-7000

Hours: Monday- Friday 7am-5pm (Pacific Standard Time)

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