The key to choosing and caring for any pair of shoes or boots is knowing all about the materials and how they’re made. Two24 uses only premium materials, including bison leather. Don’t know what bison leather is or how to care for it? Consider this your bison leather primer.

What Is Bison Leather?

Bison leather is made from, you guessed it, bison. Sometimes referred to by Americans as “buffalo,” the American bison is actually its own distinct classification. In fact, only the Asian Water Buffalo and the African Cape Buffalo are actual “buffalo” – an important fact if you are shopping for true “bison” products (and all the benefits associated with this leather).

Why It’s Great

Bison leather is stronger than cow leather—by about 40 percent. It also has a more pebbled texture than other leathers which adds to its durability and has been traditionally used when strength and sturdiness is most essential, like in military gear, outerwear, and boots. It’s made in America, so you can have some patriotic pride right there on your feet.

How to Care for Bison Leather

Treating and caring for bison leather is much like other leathers on the surface—wipe it down with warm, soapy water to remove everyday dust and dirt. You can also use a leather conditioner and cleaner specifically formulated for bison leather. (Just make sure to test on a small area before using it on your bison boots.)

Product Recommendations

Ready to try some bison leather boots and shoes for yourself? The Jefferson, in Cognac and Black, features easy lines making it a men’s wardrobe staple. It’s made with bison leather, and is leather-lined on the inside for breathability. You can also try the men’s Highlands boot, in both Whiskey and Black, which offers a lace-up option that merges Western details and traditional lines, so you can wear them basically anywhere and for any occasion.

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