"I’m in an exciting place right now; there are many adventures to come." Jocelyn Romo of Grand Ole Echo in Los Angeles is the type of woman you want to be friends with. She got into music at a young age and defines her personal style by all the different things she loves, from western films to 70s rock bands. With her raven locks, contagious smile, and down-to-earth vibe, we knew instantly we wanted to tell her story, “Where My Shoes Take Me”.

The Grand Ole Echo is a self-described "country and not so country" music showcase in the artsy Los Angeles neighborhood of Echo Park. On Sundays, locals gather to hear songs of the west in the iconic music venue, The Echo.

"There’s just something about music; it can create any kind of mood, it can take you to a certain place, it can take you to a certain time—it’s a way to connect to people."

Jocelyn's taste in fashion is what you'd expect from a music maven such as herself: laidback, inspired, and just plain cool. "What you wear is an important thing because it’s the easiest way to express yourself artistically," she continues.

We followed Jocelyn around for the day wearing our Wilder boots in black. Her checklist for the perfect shoe? Something versatile, something sturdy, something that can withstand the elements, and something that's comfortable. Oh, and something that looks cool, too.

Watch her video above and shop our Wilder boots to emulate her cool, covetable style.

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