Find Her The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Great news: we’ve cracked the code on the very best Valentine’s Day present for the lady in your life and (spoiler alert!) it’s shoes. Flowers? They die too fast. Chocolates? Predictable. A gift card? Impersonal. But a beautifully made pair of shoes? Perfection. It’s an investment she’s guaranteed to love for years to come and it gives you a chance to flex how well you really know her. Best of all, she’ll think of you every time she wears them.

Now that you’re convinced, it’s time to figure out which style suits her best:

For The Downtown Girl: The Selena in Black Grommet

If she loves to be wined and dined and is always up for a twirl on the dance floor, this pair’s smooth, supple leather and rock-n’-roll-meets-western flair is exactly what she’ll want to show off. Trust us, it’s not easy to find a perfect boot silhouette that’s sleek and streamlined but still has one-of-a-kind style – these deliver and then some.

For The Free Spirit: The Penny in Blush

If she’s by your side (or leading the charge) on all your adventures from hikes to spontaneous getaways, she’s a lady who likes to be ready for anything life throws her way. This supremely stylish, minimal sneaker is not only crazy comfortable, it also pairs with literally anything. We love that this rosy tone brings a fresh femininity to a sportier silhouette.

For the Jetsetter: The Jubilee in Black

If she’s constantly traveling and lives for waking up in new cities around the world, there’s no better shoe for her than a stunning slip on mule. Everyone will wonder. “Did she pick them up in Milan? Or Paris?” because these English-inspired mules, adorned with polished hardware and a layered leather bit compete with the very best of Fashion Week.

For The Creative: The Austen in Gold

If she constantly inspires you with her ability to see the beauty in the everything, she deserves a pair of shoes that inspire her, too. Hand-finished gold leather makes these elegant oxfords a true work of art that will compliment her quirky-cool sense of style. An added plus? They can be worn with or without laces so she can switch it up on a whim.

P.s. If you’re also shopping for him, be sure to check out our women’s Valentine’s Day gift guide, too!

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